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That is how you do it.


Og, jeg får en del spørsmål om hvordan man dykker etter søppel for tiden.

Man gjør sånn;

1. Finn en butikk som har ulåste containere utenfor. De er gjerne på baksiden.

2. Gå der minst en halv time etter stengetid for å unngå kinkige situasjoner. Er du ute etter mat ikke drøy den for lenge, maten blir marinert i containerlukt.

3.Ta med plastposer, hansker hvis du syns det er ekkelt og hodelykt om det er mørkt der.

4. Åpne opp containeren.

5. Knytt opp eventuelle søppelsekker.

6. Let gjennom dem, gjerne systematisk.

7. Ta det du vil ha. Ikke vær dum og ta mer enn du kan få spist/gitt bort/foredlet.

8. Knytt igjen søppelsekkene.

9. Legg de oppi containeren, lukk den.

Pass på at det ikke er rot rundt.

Dette kan gjøre butikkeieren sinte og obs på at noen leker der.

Dette kan bli sanksjonert med overvåkingskameraer, låser og sabotert mat eller elektriske artikler.

10. Gå videre til neste butikk, evt gå hjem.

11. Hjemme gjør du som beskrevet her i dette blogginlegget

Om du heller vil ha det enda mer illustrert se;

How to Dumspterdive

eller denne litt for lange videoen med fyr som ligner på Sky


Five things to do with bananas (found in the trash)

The one thing I always find too much of is bananas. But thats not a bad thing!
Bananas are a good source of potassium thats good for your heart and vitamin B6 that hepls the body transform fats, proteins and carbs to energy in you body. And there’s a lot of things to do with the heaps of bananas you find!

You could for instance…

Dry them!

if you can get hold of a dehydrator. They look like this.


You could peel them, cut them and freeze them.

…or even better;

...put them on a stick, dip them in chocolate and put it in the freezer!

You can also:

make a smoothie!

And if there’s still more left:

Make a face-mask!

But if you’re planning to try the last one, be careful, cause it might end up looking like:


…or maybe even worse…


And of course; if you have a friend with a baby or someone else who’s acting like she or he is practisting for a food-eating contest- give them away!

Enjoy your bananas, remember someone had to suffer for you to get them.

How to save dumpsterdived food.

This is kind of a guide on howto conserve the food you’ve find in the trash.

When you go dumpsterdiving the most crutial thing is to take care of the food when you get back home so it doesn’t go to waste-again.
Since a lot of people I’ve met don’t instincively do these things I’ve made a guide here.

The first important thing is to clean the things, even if they do have they’re wrapping.

Washing the steak

This is because bad smell can be carried with the wrappings, and then when you store the food in the fridge the smell can get stuck on either the other food there, especially some fruits and vegetables, but also the fridge. This will make your food taste trash, and you don’t want that so rinse with clean water.

This shouldn’t be necessary to say, but it is important not to just leave the box you’ve carried from the trash stay on the floor untill next morning since you’re tired- you have to put it in the fridge as soon as possible.

It’s also important to wash the fruit and remove bad parts, like bad grapes. Normally over half of a box is still edible.


To really clean vegetables not only from grease, but also from pesticides spray it with vinegard dilluted in water before rinsing it under running water.

Storing is also important. When you go dumpster-diving the freezer is your best friend.

Meat that expires tomorrow can stay good for months here!

Fruits can also be stored in the freezer, like bananas!
We always find heaps of bananas and they’re perfect just like they are, peeled on a stick, but can also be enjoyed in smoothies.
To do that, just peel them and store them in a plastic bag.

Today's waste, tomorrows superfood-breakfast

And, if you’re wealthy; Buy a dehydrator! They’re perfect for the heaps of fresh fruits you find! They’re kinda expensive, but just think about all the fun you’ll have and all de delicious things you can dry!

The last thing is a trick I just learned-if you find salad thats a bit sloppy just put it in water over the night and the salad leafs absorbs water and becomes fresh and crispy again!

Another thing to do if you find a lot of fruits, berries or mangoes- Make jam or chutney! Just google it and you’ll find a recipe that fits what you’ve found.

Good luck!