Five things to do with bananas (found in the trash)

The one thing I always find too much of is bananas. But thats not a bad thing!
Bananas are a good source of potassium thats good for your heart and vitamin B6 that hepls the body transform fats, proteins and carbs to energy in you body. And there’s a lot of things to do with the heaps of bananas you find!

You could for instance…

Dry them!

if you can get hold of a dehydrator. They look like this.


You could peel them, cut them and freeze them.

…or even better;

...put them on a stick, dip them in chocolate and put it in the freezer!

You can also:

make a smoothie!

And if there’s still more left:

Make a face-mask!

But if you’re planning to try the last one, be careful, cause it might end up looking like:


…or maybe even worse…


And of course; if you have a friend with a baby or someone else who’s acting like she or he is practisting for a food-eating contest- give them away!

Enjoy your bananas, remember someone had to suffer for you to get them.


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